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Baptism Testimony Video Scheduling

Baptism Testimony Video Scheduling

Please select a time to come in and film your Baptism Sunday Faith Statement for the July 21 Baptism Sunday.

Things to remember as you prepare for your video “Faith Statement:”

  • You should be able to share it in 45 seconds – write it down and practice so you feel confident and comfortable while recording. The primary message you want to get across is that you are placing your faith in Jesus and making Him Lord of your life. You can share a little bit of your personal story.
  • Please be mindful of your clothing so that it reads well on camera: please avoid prints, graphic tees, hats, and anything low cut.

When you arrive, please wait in the front lobby for someone from our team to meet you.

Register for Tuesday, July 16
Register for Wednesday, July 17
Register for Thursday, July 18
Register for Friday, July 19
Register for Saturday, July 20
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