The Power of Love: Breakout Sessions and Schedule

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The Power of Love Breakout Sessions

When doors open at 5:30 on Friday Night you will be able to select the Breakout session you would like to attend on Saturday morning. Please note space is limited and breakouts will fill up fast.  Participants must be present to register for breakout sessions – no exceptions.


Serving Your Neighbor
Join us to learn how hospitality and the gospel meet on your street with practical ways to bless your neighbor and build a bridge to share the gospel.

Forget Me Not
Join us as we lean into God’s word and learn how to serve Him and others while we LISTEN and LOVE and then REPEAT.

Loving Difficult People
How do we love others when they can be so difficult? Explore God’s truths and be equipped for real life challenges.

Living a Life of Worship
What does it look like to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, so you can truly love your neighbor as yourself? Know in whom you serve, so you can serve others well!

Your Spouse, Your Closest Neighbor
How to Keep Showing Up and Stay Crazy in Love When Your Love Drives You Crazy – from the book by Karen Ehman.

Loving Others in a Military Setting
Are you a military family or interested in knowing how to reach out to them? Come join us as we look at how to extend hospitality to others in a military setting.

Love Overflowing
Finding God’s Heart Through Personal Bible Study:  God’s personal love letter to us is His Word – the Bible. In this session you will discover how to better engage, comprehend and apply God’s Word during your personal study time using 4 simple steps. You will be inspired to know God on a deeper, more personal level.

Hard Questions and Next Steps
Do you have questions about what it means to be a Christ follower? Are you in search of answers to some of the tough questions surrounding Christianity? Or are you new to the faith and wonder what the next steps are for you to dive deeper into a relationship with Him? Come listen as we answer some of these frequently asked questions or meet one on one with a prayer mentor to help you on your journey.

Dare to Disciple             
Jesus gave us the Great Commandment (Matt 22:37-39), love God and then love your neighbor from the overflow of a full heart.  This breakout session, modeled after Jen Schmidt’s book, Just Open The Door, digs deep to discover what Jesus is asking of us.  Why am I opening the door to others? How do I overcome my fears, worries, or risks as I open the door? Where do I start?  Who is receiving the honor when I open the door?

Self Love: The Reverse Golden Rule
Scriptures says that we should Love Our Neighbor As Ourselves – we do not need permission to love ourselves well, for we have been commanded to do so. This breakout will invite you to Listen, Observe, Value, and Embrace Self, which will enable us to in turn, love others well.

Q & A with Jen Schmidt
(One Session Only). Bring Your questions!



5:30 Doors Open – Breakout Registration

7:00-9:00 General Session 1


8:00 Doors Open

8:30-9:30 General Session 2

9:40-10:25 Breakout 1

10 minute break

10:35-11:20 Breakout 2

10 minute break

11:30-12:15 Breakout 3 or 1st Lunch

12:25-1:10 Breakout 4 or 2nd lunch

1:15-2:30 General Session 3