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Women's Evening Groups

Ignite Your Passion to Pray!

By January 6, 2022No Comments
Starts Wednesday, February 2 at 6:30pm

Ignite Your Passion to Pray!
Leaders: Robin Morrison & Deanna Fordham
No Cost

Get ready to “Ignite your Passion for Prayer!”
Please join us for this powerful, hands-on opportunity to dig into God’s word together, where we will uncover the truths about prayer. Experience the blessing and power of God through our in-depth study and implementation of 4 life-changing prayers…Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving & Intercession.

These simple, scriptural principles are ones your leaders embrace and eagerly want to share with you! Learn to pray, cultivate a deeper, confident, and transformed prayer life as you implement these principles in your own life. Bring your bible and a teachable spirit and get ready to know and adore Jesus more. Our prayer is that this journey will ignite a spark that lights a fire in your life, your prayer life, and powerfully impacts your community around you!

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