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High School

Sundays at 6:00pm-8:00pm

Leading students into a strong faith

It’s hard to find genuine connection and purpose in high school. Burnout, loneliness, and hopelessness are feelings that almost all students experience, which can often leave them wondering if there’s more to life than the things they’re experiencing. 

It's our mission to lead high school students to take OWNERSHIP of their faith through a life-changing and Christ-centered community.

This community will not only support them, but it will encourage them to seek Jesus, serve others, and share the Gospel throughout the four years they’re in high school.









What's Happening in Edge
  • High School Service every Sunday from 6:00–8:00pm
  • May 12 – Mother’s Day NO EDGE
  • May 19 – Senior Sunday
  • June 2– Level Up Sunday
  • June 9 – NO EDGE (away at camp)
  • June 16 – Father’s Day NO EDGE
  • June 7-11 – High School Camp
  • July 6-13 – Costa Rica Student Impact Trip

What to Expect

Edge High School Sunday services are designed to welcome students into a safe and inviting environment where they can meet others where they are and participate in high-energy, authentic community. Through games, music, engaging messages, and genuine small group discussions, our students begin to establish a strong foundation on which they can confidently build their faith.

What is the best way to get my student plugged in to Edge High School?

  • Make sure they show up and keep showing up! Consistency is key to ensuring your student gets connected and feels engaged. Make sure your student participates in events like Walking Wisely, camp, and other weekly events as they come up. These events are not only fun but a great way to get to know your small group better and feel more invested in the group. We also encourage our students to stay connected with their small groups through group messaging on Group Me.

How can I stay connected?

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, make sure we have the most up-to-date contact information for you (i.e.: email, cell phone, etc.), and Join the Crew! There are lots of ways for parents to stay involved and be a part of their student’s spiritual growth while still giving them the room they need to grow in their faith and establish strong relationships.

Who will be my student’s small group leader?

  • Our small group leaders are incredible individuals passionate about serving our students and helping them to build a strong faith that will carry them beyond high school. Our small group leaders commit to walking with your student through every stage of high school, offering guidance and support and being a confidante and trusted mentor. You can find out more about your student’s leaders at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to get to know, and partner with, your student’s leaders to provide your student with firm support from all sides.

CAV High School Leaders

Scott Taylor

Student Ministry Director

Maddie Balsitis

Student Ministry Crew Associate Director

Courtney Taylor

Student Ministry Coordinator

Kate Little

Student Ministry Guest Services Coordinator

Michael Guerrero

Family Ministry Tech Coordinator

Briegan Novak

Student Ministry Intern

Jadon Riley

Student Ministry Intern

The Crew

Join the Crew

9th Grade Girls Small Group Leaders

Angelina Bucci

Christine Morrell

Tiffany Fortenberry

Naomi Hammonds

9th Grade Boys Small Group Leaders

Ron Frisbee

David Jacobs

Jim Piepgrass

Steve Payet

10th Grade Girls Small Group Leaders

Jenny Mullowney
Monie Rosenberger
Morgan Leber

10th Grade Boys Small Group Leaders

Steve Campbell
David Rye
Anthony Malcaus
Michael Livolsi

11th Grade Girls Small Group Leaders

Mackenzie Yancey
Deanne Sichler

11th Grade Boys Small Group Leaders

Derek Sichler

Steven Pope

Bill Searles

12th Grade Girls Small Group Leaders

Emily Calvacca

Tracy Glidden

Valerie Ballard

12th Grade Boys Small Group Leaders

Ken Harris

Trey Bellamy

Bob Hall

To get connected or for more information, email
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