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Our Brand

At CAV, our brand is more than just a logo.

We believe God created us for community. That is why we offer group opportunities for adults to come together and connect relationally with each other, grow spiritually in their walk with Jesus and serve together faithfully.

Explore the Elements

The logo was intentionally crafted to reflect the vision and purpose of Church at Viera. Keep scrolling to explore how each element explores a unique aspect of our identity.


The cross is central to our logo as the most familiar symbol of the grace of God. The cross’s modern look helps contextualize an age-old story for today’s world.


The wave honors our previous logo and gives a nod to the identity we find in our location on the Atlantic coast of Florida.


The arch represents support and strength, which can all be found in Jesus. It’s both a symbolic reminder and a physical design element that can be seen throughout our building.

Four Quadrants

These quadrants refer to the 4 parts of our Discipleship Pathway—four areas of our church where you can get involved (Come to Church, Join the Crew, Get in a Group, Make an Impact).

Rocket Trail

In addition to being another nod to our location on the Space Coast of Florida, the rocket trail echoes the mission of our Family Ministry—preparing and launching the next generation.


The pathway represents the Discipleship Journey of every believer—going through the cross and narrowing to reflect our increasing focus on God.

Final Logo

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