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Parent Cue

Looking for a faith-based resource to guide you through parenting?

Download free, biblically sound resources from Parent Cue!

What is Parent Cue?

Parent Cue is an online resource and app of valuable insight and parenting instruction from child and family experts + fellow parents – rooted in the Bible and designed to help you help your child flourish and grow into a kind, righteous person. CAV uses Parent Cue for our CAV Kids programs, and we highly recommend Parent Cue as a resource for you to also use with your child outside of CAV.

What You’ll Find

Articles, podcasts, weekly activities and devotionals, and other resources on subjects including:

  • Instilling a growth mindset
  • Talking about & dealing with feelings
  • Establishing rules in each phase of adolescence
  • Discussing tough topics with teens
Download the app

How to Get Started

1. Download the Parent Cue App
2. Complete a quick registration

Create an account with your name and email address, verify your email, and add the name(s) and age(s) of your child or children.

3. Sync to Church at Viera

On the app, click Find My Church and use the zip code 32940 to sync your Parent Cue to CAV.

Explore the app for parent resources and ways to encourage your child so you can build an everyday faith and establish a lasting connection.
Download the app
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