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Romania Impact Trip

Saturday, September 14–Saturday, September 21, 2024

Constanta, Romania

To rescue women and children and transform their lives through acts of compassion in Jesus’s name. We are engaged in Romania and Ukraine to provide rescue and transformation by responding to the needs of people affected by poverty and war.


We are excited to have you join our mission to help the Ukrainian refugees and our Romanian team by providing moral support and compassion.

You will visit several locations in the Constanta area where we host refugees and minister to the very poor Romanian children. Some of them come from Roma families (Gypsy). We have established three Hope Centers so far (Siminoc, Murfatlarand, Babadag) where we are serving approximately 60 children.

During your stay we’ve hired translators so you can feel more comfortable during your trip, they are Ukrainian refugees that we are taking care of, and that way we can help them a little. We will not have a set-in-stone schedule as during a regular mission trip because things move very quickly, and the situation is somewhat unpredictable. We will take you into Ukraine if you are willing to go, we usually go to Ismail, about one hour away from the Romania/Ukraine border, and let you witness the process of transporting goods into the war zone, distributing them to the Ukrainian woman and children refugees and minister to them. This group was not able to evacuate Ukraine because of a lack of funds.

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