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High School Summer Camp

Brewton-Parker College, Mount Vernon, GA
June 21-26

Join us this summer at Brewton-Parker College for Student Life Camp!

No one wants to be afraid, to feel anxious, or nervous. We believe the lies and fears that the enemy seeks to instill in our lives. We walk into our schools, turn on the news, or talk to our friends, and leave feeling unsteady. But fear does not have to be the defining characteristic of our lives. The voice of the enemy does not have to overpower the voice of our Victor, Jesus. Jesus has erased the need for all fear and blocks out the sometimes overwhelming voice of the enemy. At Student Life Camp 2021, students will learn that while the opponent is great, our God is greater. He was and is a God of kept promises, who has good plans for us. He is our stronghold in the midst of weakness, taking our hands in the face of uncertainty, and pushing us toward courage, pushing us to take heart.

Early Bird Pricing $400.00 (from February 21 through May 3)
Regular Pricing $475.00 (from May 4 through June 7, 2021)
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