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Sharing grace with everyone and seeing Christ change lives

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Mark Ragsdale

Mark Ragsdale

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My family and I have been attending CAV for nearly 25 years. We have watched the church grow from the early days at the school board to its current location. CAV is all about passionate worship music with messages that are really Bible centric. Pastor Mark is genuine and sincere in his desire to reach seekers and help Christ followers grow in their walk.

I absolutely LOVE this church. Everyone who goes there is friendly and fun. All of the pastors are fantastic and love to talk to the whole community. This church has helped not only with its community, but has gone to other countries to help.

A place of grace where Christ changes lives! Church at Viera has helped me change to be a better husband, father, friend and neighbor, but most importantly have a personal relationship with Jesus which gives you peace and changes your life for the better in all aspects. If you are not feeling that your potential is being reached in your life come join us to begin a fun, friendship-driven life path where we are all striving to help one another be the best you can be while learning to grow in your faith.

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